About Goxi Ma-Business

Goxi Ma-Business Plan is designed specifically for micro or small-scale business owners. This plan will protect your business against unforeseen circumstances such as the risk of fire, burglary, and the loss of rent due to fire incidents.

Whether you are a barber, trader, tailor, or general service provider, Goxi Ma-Business Plan is right for you.

Do not wait for bad events to happen before you prepare against them.
Get Goxi Ma-Business Plan Today and have peace of mind.

Unique Benefits of this product

  • Bounce back to business without breaking the bank.
  • Have coverage to continue your business immediately.
  • Reduce stress and worry due to unforeseen events.
  • Business protection at all times.
  • Peace of mind.

Risk Covered

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Loss of rent

Who is this product for

  • Micro or small-scale business owner
  • Low-income shop owners
  • Mum-and-Pop shops
  • General service providers

How to buy this product

  • Through our sales agent
  • Through our third party platform
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