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About Us

The first licensed Microinsurance in Nigeria.

GOXI is a composite microinsurance company licensed by NAICOM to offer Life and Non – Life Microinsurance services. We are the first stand-alone licensed Microinsurance in Nigeria.

We offer affordable, innovative and customer centric insurance solutions to low-income individuals, micro and small business enterprises. Our products developed from continue research and close working relationship with the low-income segment are appropriate and relevant at ensuring that real values are delivered to our customers.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of insurance products and services that truly enhances the living standard of low-income people.

Our Mission

To break barriers of poverty and give meaning to the life of our customers through innovative risk management solutions.

Our Objective

Our objective at GOXI is to deliver peace of mind to our market by protecting and securing the personal life and economic base of our customers.

Our Board of Directors

Our Management Team

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In compliance with Insurance Business Management Best Practice and Local Regulatory Requirement, GOXI has put in place the arrangement to ensure the continued protection of the interest of our customers and other stakeholders.

  • Innovation We will continue to bring changes that revolutionize the business of microinsurance
  • Excellence Everything in Goxi is designed to deliver more value to our customers.
  • 24/7 Support You have access to our 24-hour Service.
  • Integrity Every promise made is delivered.
  • Customer - Centeredness Our customers always come first. Customers are our focus and the reason we are here.
  • Simplicity Our proposal forms, policy documents, and process are simple to understand. We Ensure that admitted claims are settled within 48hours of full documentation.

Our Product Catalogue

In designing our products, we research into the needs of each market to ensure that we identify and cover all the risks which our customers face, that way our customers can rest assured knowing that they are fully protected.

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Goxi Welfare

This product is designed to provide payment of benefit to individuals, members of Cooperative, Club, Household Family members. It covers Hospital Cash, Death, Permanent Disability, etc.

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Goxi Ma Business

Goxi Ma Business is designed to cover owners of micro and small scale businesses such as Traders, Barbers, Tailors, and other Service providers against unforeseen circumstances such as the risk of Fire and Burglary that could result to loss.

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Goxi Mircoloan Protection

Protects the inability of customers of MFB or other lending institutions from repaying their loans following occurrences of fire, theft or disability, death, or any other circumstances beyond your control.

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Goxi Agroloan Protection

Designed to provide cover for all agric business customers of MFB and other lending institutions against all agric business risks (crop farming, livestock, fishing, poultry, warehousing/storage).

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Goxi Tricycle/Okada Protection

When it comes to Tricycle Microinsurance you’ll find that our Product has been thoughtfully designed, and it includes all the necessary coverage needed for Tricycle/Okada business.

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